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MM_CASETEST4291. Don’t worry, its Dreamweaver!

Was poking about my site via FTP today and found a file named “MM_CASETEST4291”. I was like, woah there, I didn’t put that there. My mind went through flashes of my site being hacked, site being using as a case test to some professor somewhere showing to his class how easy it is to gain access to a site but no. After reading some pages online. It’s just a file that Dreamweaver uses to test the connection (rewrite permissions etc).

This is also an example of code that has remained from the merger of Adobe and Macromedia (the MM in “MM_CASETEST4291”). Interesting that they haven’t gone through the code and removed all references to it. For those that didn’t know Adobe acquired Macromedia in 2005, their main competitor in the design software race.