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New version of Facebook iPhone app released

Facebook have released a new version of their iPhone application. The 2.0 update adds many new features, including the ability to accept requests and post photos to walls. A new icon has also come with this release (see images).

Version 2.0 finally brings the most popular features of the Facebook website to your iPhone, including:  

* Notifications 
* The full News Feed 
* News Feed story comments 
* People search 
* Friend requests 
* Photo tagging 
* Photo captioning 
* Photo posts to your friends’ Walls 
* The full Mini-Feed, now combined with The Wall 
* Your entire inbox, plus the sent folder and updates tab 
* Inbox search 
* Message attachments 

This update now positions the iPhone as a serious contender for mantaining your online presense on the social networking site. What are your experiences with the update? Will you use the iPhone as your primary access point to Facebook now?