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Commonwealth Bank launches augmented reality real estate app

The Commonwealth bank has recently launched an app that will allow home buyers to easily see the sale history, median price, buying/selling conditions, property hotspots and capital growth trends. It also has videos, articles and home buying guides for first home buyers, renovators and investors. As you would expect the app is a big advertisement for the Commonwealth Bank and has tools to work out loans with them.

The main feature of this application is however the augmented reality of it, which you will need an iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4 to take advantage of. This feature allows you to hold up the phone and view whatever you are looking at  via the camera and overlay text and images on top. It uses this to great effect to show information about the house you are looking at, such as previous sale price.

The app itself looks and works well. It is a great way for the bank to leverage a new technology and build up some free press about themselves. Let me know in the comments below what you think of the app?

Commbank real estate iPhone app

Control uTorrent from your iPhone

uTorrent has released an option to manage your torrents via your  as part of its “uTorrent web” site. Just go to https://web.utorrent.com and download the latest version of uTorrent that supports it. Once installed click on the uTorrent Web Preferences, shown below, and enter a user name and a password.

uTorrent web

Once you have done this you can go to https://web.utorrent.com and log in with those details on either your computer or iPhone/android mobile device.


iPhone keeps restarting after using “reset all content and settings”

Today I sold my iPhone 3G on Ebay. Before I went to send it off I wanted to erase all my settings and content. I used the feature called “reset all content and settings” which is found in the settings. It notified me that it may take up to two hours to do this so I left if for awhile. After 4 hours of constant restarting I started to think something wasn’t right.

After searching for a problem I came across a way to fix this problem and restore the iPhone. The following fix is thanks to Vitaliy Isikov.

1. Plug your phone into your computer and have iTunes running.
2. Hold down both the home and power buttons until the phone reboots and the screen is completely blank.
3. Let go of the power button and keep holding the home button until you see iTunes has recognized your phone in restore mode.
4. Restore your iPhone

Let me know if it worked for you in the comments!

New version of Facebook iPhone app released

Facebook have released a new version of their iPhone application. The 2.0 update adds many new features, including the ability to accept requests and post photos to walls. A new icon has also come with this release (see images).

Version 2.0 finally brings the most popular features of the Facebook website to your iPhone, including:  

* Notifications 
* The full News Feed 
* News Feed story comments 
* People search 
* Friend requests 
* Photo tagging 
* Photo captioning 
* Photo posts to your friends’ Walls 
* The full Mini-Feed, now combined with The Wall 
* Your entire inbox, plus the sent folder and updates tab 
* Inbox search 
* Message attachments 

This update now positions the iPhone as a serious contender for mantaining your online presense on the social networking site. What are your experiences with the update? Will you use the iPhone as your primary access point to Facebook now?