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Google Analytics and Adsense

Google this month has finally released a well overdue feature to its industry leading Analytics tool; the integration of Google Analytics and Adsense. This is a feature that has been lacking for quite some time and one many thought would have been added long ago. Its addition is part of a major update to the tool which includes several “enterprise” features including Advanced Segments in Google Analytics, Motion Charts in Google Analytics, Custom Reporting in Google Analytics and the for mentioned AdSense Reporting in Google Analytics.

With all this good news there has to be a catch right? Well kinda of, these features are being “gradually rolled out”. Who knows how long it might be till you see it this option on your account but either way it is a very welcome addition and I can’t wait to try it out for myself. The option will appear not in your Analytics account but your Adsense one. See the below image.

You can check out the blog post by Google at the page here. Google is only sending invitations out to select accounts. Have you got yours? If so what are your thoughts?

Export Chrome bookmarks

If you have been using Chrome for any decent amount of time you may have found yourself looking to save your current updated bookmarks in Chrome to the other browsers on your computer. Upon searching you will soon find that this is a missing feature from the browser. Lucky for you and me however, a coder by the name of Mark Clouden has developed a nice (and might I say slick looking) stand alone program that will not only export your bookmarks from Chrome but also delete your download history too (otherwise you would have to delete each entry one by one).

1) First download and install .NET 2.0 here.

2) Download Mark’s program here.

3) Make sure Chrome isn’t running (view this post from another browser)

4) Extract file from the zip to a folder on the desktop and click on the ChromeDump.exe file

5) Select the icon of your selected task (Clear Download History or Export Bookmarks)

If you love the app I would suggest to drop Mark a nice comment on his blog here:

Making Google Chrome your default browser

After using Chrome for awhile i decided to use it as my main browser. When I first ran Chrome I thought I had approved it as my default browser, yet when I clicked links in many of my programs they opened in Firefox. To move full browser control over to Chrome all you need to do is click on the spanner, go to options, and click “Make Google Chrome my default browser”. You might Images after the break.

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Google Chrome review

So today on the 3rd of September (2nd in Australia), Google has launched its browser after a false start yesterday. Google promised a browser which would be more secure, faster and better designed for today’s environment and boy did they deliver!

I must admit that I’ve only been playing around with it for a few hours now but so far this new browser is in serious contention to be my full time browser. And it’s not like I’m moving from Internet Explorer, I’ve been using Firefox since 2004. Let me present the features of Chrome (titles taken from the Chrome features page) and then my thoughts on what aspects of the browser I like.

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