iPhone keeps restarting after using “reset all content and settings”

Today I sold my iPhone 3G on Ebay. Before I went to send it off I wanted to erase all my settings and content. I used the feature called “reset all content and settings” which is found in the settings. It notified me that it may take up to two hours to do this so I left if for awhile. After 4 hours of constant restarting I started to think something wasn’t right.

After searching for a problem I came across a way to fix this problem and restore the iPhone. The following fix is thanks to Vitaliy Isikov.

1. Plug your phone into your computer and have iTunes running.
2. Hold down both the home and power buttons until the phone reboots and the screen is completely blank.
3. Let go of the power button and keep holding the home button until you see iTunes has recognized your phone in restore mode.
4. Restore your iPhone

Let me know if it worked for you in the comments!

10 thoughts on “iPhone keeps restarting after using “reset all content and settings”

  1. brandon

    word dude you are a lifesaver it totally worked thank you haha i am sooo happy i thought mine was ruined

  2. Radu

    Hey sir, for me didnt work, keeps giving error and i dont know what to do, he stucks at erasing all data/settings…and restarts every 2 mins please HELP. im half dead didnt sleep whole night cause of it

  3. Kinya

    Hey, I got the same problem and was about to restore. But then I realized that my phone is not yet factory unlocked. It is okay if I choose one of my .pswf files and restore it?


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