WordPress 2.6.2

The team at WordPress.com have released a new version of WordPress, 2.6.2. This update plug’s two vulnerabilities that when used together can give crackers access to the site. It’s got to do with SQL Column Truncation. When a new user is added its possible to reset the password of another user. Coupled with the weaknesses of mt_rand(), which can be used to guess the new “random” password, this could be a problem for wordpress admins. Although it only really only effects blogs that allow users to sign up automatically, all admins are advised to upgrade. So better get to it and upgrade as soon as possible.

You can download it from the offical site here.

Remove the bluetooth icon in Vista

I recently installed my bluetooth usb dongle on my computer running Vista and I found an unwanted feature which was also present when I was using XP. The bluetooth icon that was installed on the desktop, after I installed my bluetooth driver software, was refusing to remove itself. Right clicking on it would only produce three options; Open, Explore and Create Shortcut. Last time (XP) I got around this problem by running a desktop clean up, that put all the icons I chose into a folder, which I then deleted. After a quick look I couldn’t find it on my computer so looked the problem on Google and after a few mins came across a great little solution vistax64.com from user┬áPOMAH.
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Google Chrome review

So today on the 3rd of September (2nd in Australia), Google has launched its browser after a false start yesterday. Google promised a browser which would be more secure, faster and better designed for today’s environment and boy did they deliver!

I must admit that I’ve only been playing around with it for a few hours now but so far this new browser is in serious contention to be my full time browser. And it’s not like I’m moving from Internet Explorer, I’ve been using Firefox since 2004. Let me present the features of Chrome (titles taken from the Chrome features page) and then my thoughts on what aspects of the browser I like.

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Hi there!

Welcome to my new site! My name’s Tim and I’m a graphic designer studying my fourth year at the University of Wollongong (Sydney, Australia). On this site I hope to frequently post on new happenings in the world of design and technology. This will include reviews, guides and news. Hope you enjoy this site as much as I enjoy running it. If you have any thoughts you can contact me at timothyolthof@gmail.com.